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November 2018

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September 2019

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1.     PURPOSE

This procedure is designed to determine CYFLE BUILDING SKILLS employee's, fitness for their current job role and to identify any appropriate reasonable adjustments or equipment which may support the employee to perform their role, as well as any safety measures including on-going health surveillance.

2.     SCOPE

This procedure applies to all employee’s as defined above which are employed by CYFLE BUILDING SKILLS .


Responsible Person

CYFLE BUILDING SKILLS will appoint the company Health and Safety officer as the responsible person.  A ‘responsible person’ is an employee who has had specific training in the recognition of potential ill health, which might require the advice of a ‘qualified person’.  They could use techniques such as a questionnaire to record symptoms and signs of work related ill-health.  If an individual displays any evidence of ill health, then they will be referred to a qualified person. The responsible person must not attempt to make a diagnosis and must keep any records confidential.

Qualified Person

CYFLE BUILDING SKILLS will appoint an Occupational Health Nurse when deemed to be required. The role of the ‘qualified person’ is to establish the presence or absence of the occupational condition for which health surveillance is being conducted when the results of questionnaires or tests indicate some abnormality.  This may necessitate further investigation or specialist referral.


All medical and personal information obtained during the health surveillance process will be held confidentially at our Head Office.  This information will be subject to the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998, Medical Reports Act 1988 and GMC Guidance on Confidentiality 2009.

The Management will only release the obtained information to others, providing consent has been given by the employee.  If health issues come to light which may impact on the ability of the employee to carry out the role to which they have been appointed, the qualified person will seek to advise the Management accordingly, subject to the above legal requirements and guidance governing confidentiality and consent.

If adjustments are required to the duties of a job or the workplace for health and safety reasons or where adjustments are necessary for personal protection, information about the adjustments requirement may be divulged to the manager responsible for ensuring the health and safety of the employee.

A qualified person may contact the employee to discuss their responses to the health questionnaire or to arrange an appointment with them if this is considered appropriate.

A copy of any advice resulting from the assessment will be returned to the person responsible for Health and Safety and to Human Resources, to confirm the outcome.

If queries or concerns should later arise regarding the fitness of an employee to perform any aspect of their role, management may refer the employee, for a qualified person to undertake a further assessment and provide advice.


A health questionnaire will be provided to all employees on an annual basis (see Appendix 1).

Health Surveillance Requirements

The health questionnaire is to be provided to:

a)    All employees.

b)    Upon initial employment.

c)    On an annual basis.

Health surveillance will be provided by a qualified person to employees covering areas such as respiratory health surveillance; Hand Arm Vibration monitoring; audiometry/hearing surveillance and other work-related ill health issues that may arise out of or in connection with work.

Training is available for management and employees on the measures that must be taken to prevent the occurrence and the main causes of occupational ill health relating to their work. 



Following any employee consultation with a qualified person, management will be informed in writing if the employee is ‘Fit’, ‘Fit with adjustments/restrictions as follows’ or ‘Further information is being sought and there will be a delay’. A copy of this will also be sent to Human Resources.

When management are informed that an employee is ‘Fit with adjustments/restrictions’, the adjustments or restrictions that the employee will require in order to continue to perform their role will be stated in writing and additional advice will be available.

Where further information is required, for example by a qualified person writing to the General Practitioner of the employee or Consultant regarding a medical condition, the notification: ‘Further information is being sought and there will be a delay’ may be used.

Where there are instances of an employee not being considered fit for a particular job, the qualified person and Human Resources will be involved in managing the outcome with the individual.


Appendix 1 – Health Questionnaire

Health Questionnaire

(Employee) Surname:                                 (Employee) Forename(s):

Date of Birth:                                              Address:  

ü  Please tick box



Have you ever suffered from or consulted a Doctor about:-



Fainting, dizziness, blackouts?



Heart problems, angina pains in the chest?



High blood pressure?



Do you suffer from vertigo (e.g. feeling sick, vomiting, difficulty standing)



Do you have Asthma / chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)?



Do you have any chest problems, such as periods of breathlessness, wheeze, chest tightness or persistent coughing?



Have you had any of the following symptoms either at work or at home (not isolated colds, sore throats or flu):-



Recurring soreness or watering of eyes?



Recurring blocked or running nose?



Bouts of coughing?



Chest tightness?









Have you consulted your Doctor about chest problems?



Do you smoke?



Do you have Raynaud’s Disease?



Do you have any numbness or tingling in the fingers lasting more than 20 minutes after using vibrating equipment?



Do you have any numbness or tingling of the fingers at any other time?



Do you wake at night with pain, tingling or numbness in your hands or wrists?



Have any of your fingers gone white on cold exposure?



Have you noticed any change in your response to your tolerance or working outdoors in the cold?



Are you experiencing any other problems in your hands or arms?



Do you have difficulty picking up very small objects e.g. screws/buttons etc?



Have you ever suffered from dermatitis/eczema?



Do you have any skin problems with your hands, forearms, legs or face (e.g. redness, soreness, itching, rash, broken or cracked skin, blisters or peeling)?



Do you have difficulty hearing in noisy places?



Do you have difficulty hearing in quiet places / conversations?



Do you have ringing / buzzing or any other noises in your ears?



Have you ever had a head injury or trauma to the ear?



Do you suffer from frequent ear infections?



Have you consulted your Doctor about your hearing / ears?



Do you have any concerns about your hearing?



Have you ever been exposed to loud noise at work?



Do you have any noisy past times or hobbies (including motor cycling, loud music or shooting)?



Do you have diabetes?



Are you allergic to anything (latex, peanut, tablets, detergents, chemicals etc)?



Have you ever worked with materials containing Asbestos?



Have you ever worked with materials containing Silica?



Has anything changed about your health since the last assessment




All the answers I have given are to the best of my knowledge correct.


Signed:                                                                                                          Date:


Job title:




Job involves working with:



Display screen equipment



Lone working



Work outdoors



Work at height



Work in confined space



Regular manual handling/lifting



Electrical hazards



Driving duties



Vibrating equipment



Respiratory sensitisers (isocyanates, wood dust, solder flux, glues and resins etc.)












Excessive dust



Rotating machinery




Health Declaration




1. I have read and understood the purpose of this questionnaire.



2. I declare that the information given in this document is true and complete to the best of my knowledge, and I understand that false information or failure to disclose information may affect my employment.



3. I consent to an Occupational Health assessment by a qualified person if necessary and that relevant details and results of any tests may be sent to my General Practitioner.



4. I accept that further medical information may be requested from my doctor if considered necessary, subject to Occupational Health obtaining my consent under the Access to Medical Reports Act 1988.



5. I agree to accept immunisations and health surveillance necessary to undertake the duties of the post.




Please read the declaration below, sign, and date that you have understood it.


Signature:                                                                                     Date: