Mentoring for the Construction Industry

The Retention of New Entrants Bid

Mentoring we feel is a huge importance within the construction industry. That’s why we have teamed up with  CCTAL, Swansea Bay Training  Group and Dyfed Training Group.  To develop and deliver a Mentoring Programme. All of which has been fully  funded by CITB.

The Programme

We will be delivering;

  • 2 Days Certificated Mentoring Course-Site Personnel (Mentors)
  • 1 Day Certificated Mentee Course-New Entrants/Apprentices (Mentees)

All of which can be delivered on site, in college or any suitable venue of your choosing. 

Our Aims 

  • Train 200 mentors and 100 mentees, over approximately 18 months. Commencing January 2019
  • Accredit the Mentoring qualification by Agored Cymru
  • Improve retention of new entrants into the construction industry.
  • Host Awareness Events
  • Offer free training

The Benefits to you as an Employer

  • Increase Productivity
  • Improve Retention
  • Improve Job Satisfaction
  • Reduce Absenteeism
  • Fast Track Apprentices Learning
  • Improve Quality and Efficiency.
  • Create a Better Team Dynamic
  • Staff CPD Opportunities

The Benefits of Having a Mentor within your Company 

  • Empower others
  • Share best practice
  • Build a productive and supportive team environment
  • Provide a motivating and challenging development opportunity by widening the job role
  • Be pro-active to identify and prevent potential problems

How will the Apprentices Benefit? 

  • Improve decision making ability
  • Build confidence
  • Increase productivity
  • Develop their learning, performance and quality of work.
  • Experience a safe and happy working environment
  • Help ease an Apprentice’s transition from Theory to Practical

We understand that a lot of Apprentices are green when first going out onto site. It can be scary, intimidating and stressful for them. We want to help the Apprentice as much as we can, which in return will help you as an industry.

All training is FREE, so why not take advantage of our programme.

If you have any questions our Cyfle support team would be happy to help.

Once a Mentor you are a Mentor for Life.