Congratulations to EFOD Carmarthenshire on winning the Chairman’s Special Award

Congratulations to EFOD Carmarthenshire on winning the Chairman’s Special Award

July 4, 2014 0 By AndrewLewis

Chairman’s Special Award at the Constructing Excellence Wales Award Ceremony at the City Hall Cardiff on Friday 04th July 2014

Congratulations to Efod Carmarthenshire for winning the Chairman’s Special Award

The winner of this award must make a contribution that not only raises the profile of the Welsh Construction Industry, but also highlights the contribution it makes to society. This means that the winner’s influence and work is likely to have an impact beyond Wales and upon organisations and individuals operating and working in Wales, possibly reaching out to young people, the disadvantaged, elderly or disabled. It must be an example that demonstrates what positive effect construction has on the lives of end users and Construction Excellence Wales must be able to track it and watch its development to share the progress with industry stakeholders.

The Salt Peter¬†Trust founded Kachumbala Grace Farmers Group in Uganda in 2011 with the aim of lifting destitute widows out of poverty. EFOD Carmarthenshire was formed to take up the challenge of designing a mill and grain store structure, to raise ¬£40,000 and send qualified tradesmen and apprentices to Uganda to suprevise construction and pass skills on to local people. Under the umbrella of Constructing Carmarthenshire Together ( a partnership between CCTAL, Coleg Sir Gar and Carmarthenshire County Council), several organisations, including local SME’s from the county joined together to complete the build sending teams out as part of their respective development training, or as a volunteering holiday. During the build, Ugandan people learned skills to allow the future growth and prosperity of the reigion, giving them a chance to create a sustainable future through employment and commerce.

Welsh apprentice’s had an exceptional chance to experience another culture and pass on their skills in what is a life changing opportunity for everyone involved. It is an inspirational example of what Welsh construction can deliver – anywhere in the world. But it also proved to be a great learning experience for those taking part, bringing vital experiences to share with collegues and customers in Wales.