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Following the success of the Carmarthenshire Shared Apprenticeship Scheme, industry partners and stakeholders identified the potential to extend the initiative to that of a Regional model with this being overseen by the three Independent Construction Industry Training Groups which reside in the South West Wales Region, namely:

Aims of the schemes are:
  • To produce competent, craft skilled personnel to not only meet the needs and challenges of today’s construction industry but more importantly deliver a sustainable flow of competent craft based operatives into South West Wales region for the foreseeable future.
  • To educate, inspire and support people to develop careers in the construction sector throughout the South West Wales Region via a shared approach, supported by the industry, to make a significant contribution to training activity and achievement of the region.

Client stakeholders will be placing strong influence and support to engage the “Cyfle Building Skills” Apprenticeships through their contractor partner companies and associated supply chain.

Employers/Contracts will be providing relevant, structured training opportunities to an agreed schedule ensuring appropriate levels of mentoring and support throughout the learner journey.

The Regional Shared Apprenticeship Scheme will be managed and operated by “Cyfle” and in principal it will operate within the unitary authority boundaries of; Neath Port Talbot, Swansea City, Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion.

A key driver in creating inspirational achievements in the anticipation that a Shared Apprentice will complete work experience with the full range of companies and project types that represent the pipeline of work in the region, as an alternative to solely one company throughout the period of their Apprenticeship. Learners are fundamentally linked to that pipelineof work and the respective clients and contracts undertaking the developments, giving what has been described as the “ultimate work based learning experience” producing a skills legacy of truly talented trades people.

In essence the concept of the shared apprenticeship programme is to rotate the apprentice from company to company and project to project identifying where the required work experience exists at the appropriate time in order to maximise the training experience. In many of instances this rotation is essential as all too often a single company is not able to offer the full range of experiences or work activities demanded by the training programme particularly at the point required the individual Apprentice.

Benefits of this approach allow the opportunity of experiencing operational methods of a cross section of construction enterprise (Large, Medium and Small).

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